• Shanty Truffle 12 Regular seed

Hybrid sativa-indica, mother of this strain is a selected Tahitian Punch that is the fusion between two very fruity plants Sour Tangie x Sour Apple IBL,  father is a selected Rainbow Truffle that is the fusion between two really beautiful and tasty strains Zkittlewood X Gelato 33, flavors really appreciate by ganja lovers. From the union of these two great strains come the Shanty Truffle, it is an excellent complex of the parents terpens with a strong effect, intense flavour and pleasuring smell in which they alternate tones of orange , apple, zkittles and gelato, yummi sweety zkitlles and fruity.

Flowering period is around 8 to 9 weeks, it grows medium tall and the result is a medium high harvest and it grows well in bush, multitopped bush and S.O.G., feeding needs to be normal or medium.

Flowers are beautiful and hard like a rock, easy to trim and covered in high quality resin like honey, because of their density they are subjects to get botrits in critical conditions of humidity.

Resistence to stress is low, it means that in bad indoor growing conditions some hermaphroditism could come out in some plants in selection phase; these are common problems that only few talk about and they depend on the setup of each grow room, on the cultivation techniques and on the climatic condition of the region where you are. Hermaphroditism is a frequent problem in indoor cultivation.

The guiding principles of Tricoma Gold Genetics are clearness, trasparence, loyalty, seriousness and respect to growers, that is why we talk about this, we want encourage the collectors to choose the right strain for them to avoid unwanted surprises.

All creatures found in this genetics are spectacular, we think it will be a pleasure to have them in your own backyard to meditate with them.



Father: Rainbow Truffle

Lineage: Zkittlewood x Gelato 33

Mother: TihitianPunch

Lineage: Sour Tangie x Sour AppleIBL

Variety: Hibrid     

Gender: RegularF1

Vegetative cicle:4 week

Flowering clice:8-9 week

Height:Medium  Tall  

Harvest :Medium high

Size bud: Large

Resin production: High

Taste and Smell : Zkittles,Gelato,Orange,Apple

Trimming: Easy 

Growing tecnique: bush,multi topped bush, SOG

Resistance to strees:Low

Fertilizazion:Sensitive to high level of EC        

Resistance to stress:Low

Resistance to Botritis:Low


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