Tricoma Gold Genetics arose from the need to make a dream become reality, That is the reason we put in care and efforts, it is our  goal, our mission and our life. We invest our time and This is not just a business, we put love and passion in everything we do.

TGG is made up of an architect with a lot of experience in agriculture and a traveller graduated in oriental studies, they got different skills but same green interests. This project is the result of 20 years worth of combined research and both wanted to carry out this project after years of studies.

TGG’s research has allowed us to preserve and combine our selections in seed form to share theme with the most passionate collectors, both present and future, pampering their senses. 

These genetics will take you in a wonderful journey around the world of terpenes.

Seriousness, loyalty, transparency , precision, professionalism and  respect are some of our principles.

Our seeds are organically made, tested and hand selected with the aim of having an excellent production especially in quantity resin and terpenes.

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